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Andie. 19. Cis.
Hey, guess what?

Vegans don’t give a flying fuck about your “diet.” We don’t turn to other vegans and say, “hey, maybe you should lay off the french fries.” Because you now what? That’s none of our fucking business.

But when your habits contribute to the death of over 150 billion sentient, feeling, conscious creatures each year, you can bet your ass we’ll have something to say about it. And no, that doesn’t mean we’re forming prayer circles around the deli section, or slapping burgers out of your hands. It means we’re exercising free speech to inform you of the impact of your decisions.

Your rights end when another’s begin; a personal decision isn’t personal when it directly affects someone else. 

Oh, and no, plants are not sentient. They react to stimuli but lack the ability to give it connotation, but nice try.

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