“Intersections: Black female slave vivisection, non-human animal experimentation, and the foundation of Western gynecology.” By: Sistah Vegan

“In this video, I speak of how Black female slaves were forced to undergo ‘vivisection’ by Dr. Marion Sims, the ‘father’ of Western gynecology. I also speak of how this fits into colonizing both ‘the other’ (non-white peoples and nature) and how vivisection on non-human animals today is connected to the interlocking system of oppression and suffering that allowed Dr. Sims to repeatedly cut into black female slave’s vaginas (without anesthesia, remorse, or regret). You can email me at breezeharper (at) gmail (dot) com as well as leave comments on my blog where you can also find this video at wp.me/pzDsy-gk.”

Here you go, anon. This is an incredible video, and anyone who is interested in veganism, feminism, and/or racism should watch this.

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